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The Woolie Men's Merino Wool Base Layer Hoodie

The Woolie Men's Merino Wool Base Layer Hoodie

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As a kid, my parents purchased 2 sheep for my brother and me to raise and present at the Puyallup Fair. Being quite young and inexperienced in sheep training, it's hard to say whether I showed the sheep or if it ended up showing me instead. Let's hope your experience with Woolie goes better than my Puyallup Fair experience but is just as memorable.

Crafted from an equal mix of 50% Merino Wool and 50% Polyester, the Woolie masterfully balances tradition and innovation. Its 150gsm 17.5micron Merino blend fabric offers a luxuriously soft yet durable quality that naturally enhances your outdoor adventures with excellent moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and temperature-regulating features. But that's not all - one of its most cherished features is the natural odor resistance of wool, keeping you fresh throughout your journey. Embrace the outdoors with the Woolie, where classic comfort meets modern performance.

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Matt D.

I recently bought a wollie and have LOVED IT!!! I also have a squak, which I wear all the time.

The woolie is thinner than the squak. For a thin piece of clothing, it is warm! I finally understand how our sheep stay warm all winter in below freezing temps. Maybe I'll try living outside with my woolie next winter.

Durable and Comfortable, with Room for Improvement

I've taken the Woolie Merino Wool hoodie on several hikes and have been impressed by the lightweight, thin fabric. It's remarkably easy to pack and doesn't add bulk, which is a plus on the trails. The breathability and temperature regulation are standout features, ensuring I remain comfortable throughout my hikes.

As a base layer, it performs well, although it doesn't fit as snugly as I'd prefer. A more skin-tight fit would enhance its functionality for me. The half-zip design also seems unnecessary; a traditional hoodie with the Squak's elastic band and closure would be more practical and stylistically cohesive.

The merino wool's quality is evident. It's survived multiple washes without issue and has withstood the rugged terrain of Los Padres National Forest without so much as a snag. I'm keen on trying a medium to see if it offers the skin-tight fit I'm looking for. Overall, it's a great piece with a few tweaks away from perfection.

The Woolie

LOVE the material on the Woolie. Light and breathable, but still warm and cozy. While I’m sure its intention is to be a base layer, accompanying my outer shells when hiking, but on its own it falls short. The collar is far too large, needing to be constantly played with to lay flat. It’s functionally is lost during the amount of time I spend adjusting the neck. I will still wear it, just as a base!

A dang nice merino layer

Absolutely love this piece. The comfort and the performance of it is pretty incredible for the price. I run, climb, and bike in it, and the fabric is holding up super well to abrasions, etc. My only complaint is that I find the dimensions pretty odd. Fits perfectly in the arms and body, yet is *incredibly* long comparatively.

Wonderful wool!

I have several half zip 150 wool hoody’s and the squak is hands down my favorite! I will say that it is both thicker and softer than some other 150 wool hoody’s and also the sizing runs larger (so size down if you’re between sizes). But overall, I love the fit and quality and everything about my squak wool!