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The Swell Men's Sun Hoodie

The Swell Men's Sun Hoodie

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The Swell captured our hearts years ago, weaving its indelible beauty into the fabric of our passion for outdoor exploration. Inspired by the untamed allure of this geological masterpiece, we crafted the Swell Sun Hoodie to echo the rugged spirit and breathtaking landscapes that define the San Rafael Swell. The ancient petroglyphs and winding canyons spoke to us, urging the creation of a companion that embraces the essence of adventure while providing essential protection under the sun's embrace. With each stitch, the Swell Sun Hoodie pays homage to the enduring spirit of this Utah gem, inviting you to carry a piece of the San Rafael Swell's untamed beauty on every journey.

Whether you're casting lines into the gentle currents of a river, navigating the thrilling rapids in a kayak, conquering summits, or exploring the hidden wonders of canyon slots...
you need the Swell Sun Hoodie! The Swell is your essential companion for sun-soaked escapades. Crafted from 100% polyester for rapid drying, this hoodie boasts UPF 30 protection without sacrificing breathability. Featuring a thumbhole elastic for added comfort and a small grid pattern for enhanced airflow, it's the perfect blend of practicality and performance. And you will look pretty swell too!


  1. Rapid Dry Technology: 100% polyester with breathable grid design ensures quick-drying comfort and improved airflow.
  2. UPF 30 Protection: Shield yourself from the sun without compromising breathability.
  3. Thumbhole Elastic: Enhanced comfort and protection for your active lifestyle.
  4. Scuba Hood: both stylish and functional
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Customer Reviews

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The perfect sun shirt

I ran the Swell sun hoodie through a weeklong gauntlet. Thanks to the UPF 30 protection, this hoodie kept my skin safe under the Florida sun. The lightweight, rapid dry material was extremely breathable and comfortable. Whether hiking, biking, or just hanging at the beach, the Swell checked all boxes.


Perfect piece of gear, I have used it to run in, mountain bike and will be using at as a base layer on my spring and summer hike.