What is Alpha Direct and Why Do I Need It?

What is Alpha Direct and Why Do I Need It?

Outdoor enthusiasts are often choosy about the gear they purchase, and they should be! Today’s market offers many options, and choosing the proper gear for your adventures is important in keeping you protected. If you're looking for a lightweight, extremely versatile layer to keep you comfortable in many weather conditions, then you might want to check out Squak Mountain Co’s new hoodie made from Alpha Direct Fleece.

Relatively unknown and underutilized in the outdoor clothing industry, Alpha Direct is a type of fleece fabric that is designed to provide maximum insulation and breathability. It is made from Polartec Alpha Direct insulation, a high-performance synthetic insulation material that is known for its superior thermal efficiency.

One of the key features of Alpha Direct Fleece is its ability to regulate body temperature. It is designed to provide warmth when you need it, but also allows excess heat and moisture to escape when you start to sweat. This helps to keep you comfortable and dry, even during high-intensity activities.

Another benefit of Alpha Direct Fleece is its lightweight construction. Despite its impressive insulation properties, this fleece fabric is surprisingly lightweight and packable. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities where weight and space are at a premium, such as ultra-running, thru-hiking, climbing, and backpacking. Squak’s new hoodie was born specifically out of the need for an ultra-light layer for these types of activities. It is an ideal layer for anyone looking to lighten their load without sacrificing function. 

Alpha Direct Fleece is also highly versatile. It can be worn as a standalone jacket in milder weather, or as a mid-layer under a waterproof shell in more challenging conditions. Its soft and stretchy construction provides a comfortable and snug fit. It should be noted that the superior breathability of Alpha Direct comes with a tradeoff - it does not block wind and is best paired with a wind shell during cold, breezy conditions. 

Finally, Alpha Direct Fleece is a more sustainable choice than newly-manufactured fleece. Polartec, the manufacturer of Alpha Direct insulation, is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. By choosing Alpha Direct Fleece, you can enjoy the benefits of high-performance outdoor clothing while also doing your part to reduce our impact on the environment.

In conclusion, Alpha Direct Fleece is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a warm, lightweight, and versatile fleece layer that can withstand the rigors of outdoor activities. Its innovative insulation material, breathable construction, and sustainable design make it a standout option in the crowded market of outdoor clothing.

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