About Us

If you’ve ever been to the Issaquah Alps you know it’s a special place. Endless trails of soft brown dirt and twisted roots wind through dense undergrowth in vibrant shades of green & brown. Huge old growth trees, nursing logs, thousands of salmon berries, mushrooms the size of your head, and a sea of ferns surround you at every turn. We grew up on these slopes, at the base of Squak Mountain. At the time, we didn’t realize how lucky we were. But now, every time we get the chance to run through these hills we can’t help but feel like kids again.

Hamilton and Bennet, the Issaquah natives, first became friends through their local scout/church group where they went on lots of adventures together, including 50 milers, camp outs, and canoe trips. As life moved forward, their paths split and each took on new adventures. One thru-hiked the PCT and CDT and became a competitive ultra runner. The other got married to Alli, a bear hunting, backpacking wonder and took on a whole different adventure of parenthood. During the worldwide pandemic, they came together and hiked the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier where many business ideas were exchanged. Two years later, Squak Mountain Co. emerged. 

Our brand isn't just about gear; it's about sharing the joy and wonder of outdoor adventures with you. Squak Mountain Co. is deeply rooted in our belief that everyone deserves access to quality outdoor gear at a fair price. We're not just here to sell products; we're here to build a community, to inspire others to explore, and to make a positive impact on the world around us.

As Squak Mountain Co. grows, it feels a lot like navigating those winding trails of Squak Mountain. It's never been easy climbing, always demanding effort and perseverance, but each step forward offers new views and unexpected growth opportunities. Just as the trails of our childhood taught us resilience and curiosity, building Squak Mountain Co. has been a journey of discovery and connection.

Here's to endless adventures, shared experiences, and the belief that by treating people right and contributing to our community, we can make a real difference. Squak Mountain Co. isn't just our business—it's our passion, our purpose, and our way of life. We're excited to continue this journey with you, one trail at a time.

-  The Squak Mountain Team

Hamilton, Alli, and Bennet