Why Choose Us?

When it comes to outdoor clothing you have many choices. Patagonia offers the R1, Melanzana has the coveted grid-fleece hoodie, and other clothing giants also offer synthetic hoodies. So why choose the Squak? What sets it apart and makes it a good choice? Outdoor clothing is like any other category of consumer goods and experiences trends. Trendiness drives up prices, influences unnecessary features, and can limit availability. Squak Mountain Co. was formed on the idea of providing reliable, readily available, and functional outdoor goods without charging extra simply for the name-brand. Here is a list of reasons to rock the Squak:

Simplicity - the Squak is a minimalistic hoodie and has the features you need without extra frills: breathability, a deep front kangaroo pocket, thumb holes, close-fitting hood, and a cinch around the face. In the end, outdoor clothing is simply a means to protect you while you do the things you love. Value isn’t found in extra or unnecessary features.

Athletic fit - The Squak is not designed to be a baggy fit for a casual style, but a closer-fitting garment that hugs the body during activity and ventilates when you are working hard. Oftentimes hoodies are baggy and relatively short in the sleeves, leaving an inconvenient gap near the wrist for those with longer arms. It’s easy to roll sleeves up, but impossible to make them longer when you’re in the field. The Squak’s extra-long sleeves and thumb holes provide better wrist and hand coverage. A grid pattern makes it more breathable than conventional fleece hoodies, while the smoother texture on the inside makes it easier to slide on over other layers.

Versatility - The Squak is very versatile as a layer. It works well as a mid-layer in cooler weather or a stand-alone layer in warmer conditions when a shell is not needed. Think skiing in the winter, biking and running in the spring, backpacking in the summer. This makes it a great multi-purpose layer for every season. 

Price point and availability - Similar brands only sell in-store, or at exorbitant prices for what you’re getting. The Squak hits the sweet spot of being available and affordable without paying extra for a particular brand name. Find your Squak here.