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Squak Alpha UL

Squak Alpha UL

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Squak Weights Size Chart

*** Unisex sizing. See note below on fit. *** 

The Squak Alpha UL is a lightweight, versatile layer designed for outdoor enthusiasts. The Polartec Alpha Direct fabric was created in 2012 and is a result of the U. S. Military and Polartec combining their expertise to create a high-performance fabric.

The Squak Alpha UL excellent thermal efficiency keeps you warm in colder temperatures without adding bulk. The optimal breathability of the fabric regulates body temperature, preventing overheating during intense activities. It effectively manages moisture, wicking away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable. The hoodie's lightweight and packable design make it perfect for ultralight backpacking, while its versatility allows for use as a standalone layer or mid-layer under a shell. It dries quickly, making it ideal for multi-day trips and unexpected rain. The soft and comfortable feel against the skin enhances its wearability, and the durability of Alpha Direct fleece ensures it withstands the rigors of outdoor adventures. Experience the superior performance of this hoodie in a variety of outdoor pursuits.

**Unisex sizing: Take a look at our Size Chart for detailed measurements of the garment. Please note that the Squak Alpha UL hoodie runs slightly smaller for men (we recommend ordering up in size)  and slightly larger for women (we recommend ordering down in size). 


  • Polartec Alpha Direct 4004: 90 gsm
  • Thumbholes  
  • Adjustable hood
  • Recycled Material
  • Fabric made in the USA


Polartec Alpha Direct

100% Polyester

Care Instructions

Turn the Squak Alpha UL inside out, wash it on a gentle cycle with cool water and a mild detergent. For added protection, consider using an optional microplastic wash bag during the wash. Hang to dry to preserve its quality and shape. Avoid using fabric softener as it can impact the performance and functionality of the Squak.

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