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The Squak Camp Dress

The Squak Camp Dress

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Calling All Squak Ladies!

Meet the Squak Camp Dress—you’re going to love it! Hitting mid-thigh, this dress provides extra length for warmth and coverage. Perfect for wearing alone or with leggings, it’s ideal for camp, around town, and any adventure you embark on.

Backstory: We spent Christmas 2023 in a yurt in McCall, Idaho. To keep the holiday simple and focused on what was most important, we didn't bring many presents—plus, who wants to haul a bunch of gifts along with all the gear needed for three days in a yurt? But Hamilton surprised me with the best present ever: a Squak dress. He had stayed up late at night, cutting apart a few Squak hoodies to create this unique dress.

I wore it on our short hike to snow-covered hot springs, to and from the ski resort, and for everyday adventures. The Squak dress quickly became a staple, especially when I wanted to hide my new pregnancy bump. Ladies, I promise you will love this dress as much as I do.


  • Women's fit
  • Polyester grid fleece
  • Thumbholes  
  • Adjustable hood
  • Large front pocket
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Customer Reviews

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Meaghan Cyphers
Squak Camp Dress

I recently purchased the Squak Camp Dress, and it has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. This dress is super comfortable and incredibly versatile.

Hitting mid-thigh, it provides just the right amount of extra length for warmth and coverage, making it perfect for cooler days. Whether I'm wearing it alone during warm weather or pairing it with leggings when it gets chilly, this dress always delivers.

It's ideal for any occasion—whether I'm camping, running errands around town, or embarking on a new adventure. The design and fit are flattering and practical, allowing me to move freely while still looking stylish.

If you're looking for a dress that combines comfort, versatility, and style, the Squak Camp Dress is a fantastic choice. Highly recommend!

Sandra Walz
Love the long squeak grid fleece

I am petite so they are a little long but will be keeping

Love this dress!

I got my Squak Camp Dress just in time for a backpacking trip, and it was the perfect layer for when it got chilly out. Now I still wear it whenever I can - ebiking, just chilling in the morning, whenever! It is so cute, the perfect length and color. Yay thank you Squak!

Valrie Sinchak
Merino wool hooded woolie

I am currently thru hiking the AT and wanted to change my base layer top for something with a hood for when it gets a little chillier. The woolie os perfect. Love the material and how it breathes even in humidity. I do wish it had thumbholes. And for a shirt version to put a zipper pocket on the chest area for mens and womens shirts would be awesome. Would love a place that would fot my smart phone when i walk around camp. Otherwise i have loved having this piece of clothing with me. I also bought the squak gridfleece dress to wear in the whites and Maine but have not used it yet so will review after using. I have absolutely loved finding and supporting this company.

Caryl Hosler
Wow! Just Wow the new dress is amazing

This is the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn!!! Well made, fits perfectly, easy to pack. I went camping and brought it along for those cool mornings. I even ended up waking up in the middle of the night and grabbed it and put it on and crawled back into my sleeping bag! I can’t wait for more colors.
Rockin the Squak ❤️❤️❤️